What is the Fall/ Winter Fashion Tour?

Photographic sets of autumn/winter social/fashion style made by our professionals in the main cities of Italy and published on fashion blogs and magazines.

The purpose of the project is to create fashion content by finding new talents, photographers, make-up artists, hairstylists, and stylists to collaborate with.

Why the Fall Winter Fashion Tour?

TOA Agency is constantly looking for talents and professionals to collaborate with and to purpose to its partners and customers.

Events like the TST and the new Fall/Winter Fashion Tour aim to create new contacts and to test them by creating fashion contents.

What are the Advantages?

Being published on blogs, magazines, and very popular social profiles, followed by operators of fashion and advertising industries, allows you to be noticed and called by professionals potentially interested in proposing collaborations.

In addition to this, the photographers and makeup artists involved will be included in the database of the agency and called every time the agency has a job or a collaboration to propose in their area of residence.

Who can participate?

Are you talented in fashion, travel, fitness, food, and tech?

Are you good at promotingand sellnew products?

Are you a professional photographer, make up artist/ hair stylist, stylist, or artist?

Do you have the right skills that can be used to sell/promote products on social media?

Then apply

Are the professionals who participate getting paid?

Absolutely yes, even if the first time the collaboration is in “free test” so we can evaluate the professionalism and the quality of works.

From the second time, the services will be regularly paid. Obviously, there will be other situations where the agency can propose free tests that professionals will be free to evaluate, accept or refuse.

If you are a talent, blogger, model and you want to apply click the button here

Where are the sets made?

In all the main cities of Italy!

In all Italian provinces, considering the schedule of the selected talents and our photographers and makeup artists.

When are the shooting made?

Until March 2021 it will be possible realize or made photographic sets of the event

Due to the health emergency, if necessary, it will also take place in spring with some obvious variations on the outfits.

Precise days and times will be organized taking in consideration the possibilities of the selected talents and our official photographers.



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What is the commitment that I have to take to participate?

The commitment of the photo shoot is a few hours, depending on the type of set booked.  You will need to be or go to an established city together and prepare and perform the photo shoot.

Photo sets are made despite the health emergency caused by Covid ?

The agency is constantly updated on any changes from the legal and health point of view. At the moment it is possible to make sets in every area of Italy, including the red one. However, in case a subject feels quieter to wait for the end of this emergency the agency is committed to postpone the realization of the shooting when everything will be quieter, even if this means shoot in spring/ summer (obviously with some variations on the outfits).   What is absolutely important is to apply and book the set as soon as possible to prevent the available places from ending.

How do I reach the locations of the photo sets ?

The professional must go to the shooting site independently. The agency will try to meet the subject as much as possible to make him make the photo set in the place, on the day and at the most convenient time, but always keeping in mind that these must be in accordance with our photographers’ schedule. 

After making the photo shoot will I have job opportunities insured ?

It will depend on many factors but the intention of the agency is to establish a continuous relationship with all the professionals and talent selected.