What is the difference between the shooting sets?

  • The GOLD SET allows you to have more photos and outfits than the ORANGE and WHITE sets. In the GOLD SET you will also have a sponsorship prepared by the TOA LAB team of experts.
  • The FULL PACK is a GOLD set with the additional services of STYLING (clothes matched and brought to the set by our stylist) and MAKE-UP & HAIRSTYLE (our makeup artist will prepare your skin in the best possible way and give the right contrasts, essential for a professional effect; moreover, they will arrange your hair, making sure that it is always in order during the entire duration of the set).
  • SUPER FULL is the TOP of the range service. It is a FULL PACK with the addition of the SOCIAL MEDIA service. With this service you will have everything you need at 360 ° at a very advantageous price.
  • The Blue (FWFT), White (TST) and Orange (HFS) sets are the most basic sets. At a lower price they still allow you to be included in the agency’s database and published in our blog and in the special editions of Monaco Magazine.

What is the sponsorship of the ToaLab present in the GOLD SET, in the FULL PACK and in the SUPER FULL?

ToaLab deals with preparing advertisements for companies and brands. It will do the same for you by advertising your professional image with the aim of getting you collaborations with professionals and commercial activities.

What is the Social Media Manager service?

The ToaLab staff, expert in the management and promotion of social profiles, especially Instagram, will take care for a month to help you set up your profile in order to give them more opportunities for collaborations with both technical and aesthetic analysis and programming work. that will help you grow.We will study together a style, a story, a program, we will evaluate the times and methods you need to create and publish content that best describes your professional image from the social networks point of view. As for brands, we will treat your Instagram profile as if it were a company to lead it to create business as the most important Influencers already do.For a month we will assist you. The goal is to lead you to be independent and perfectly capable of managing your profile like the best bloggers / influencers.

Can I pay in several installments?
Yes. Up to 3 installments. 77 € for the advance, half of the remaining amount on the day of the shooting (even after taking the photos) and the other half within 1 month from the shooting day.
Will the cost of the advance be deducted from the overall total?
Absolutely yes. The advance will be subtracted from the remaining amount that will be paid after making the shooting.
Will I have to pay again after taking these photos?
The answer seems obvious but very often we are asked this question.
The answer is: NO, you will NOT have to pay anything anymore, this is an event in itself and the aim is to be able to subsequently earn money, not pay it.
How does it work to book the set and make the payment?
To formalize the reservation it is necessary to pay the advance of € 77.00, which will guarantee the commitment of the professionals who will work on the photo shoot on the selected date. The payment methods we provide are:
(1) Bank Transfer // (2) PostePay // (3) PayPal + 5 € // (4) Credit Card
The data to make the payment will be sent to you on request via email or via Whatsapp.
What will happen after taking the photos?
The images will be selected and post-produced and then published on our blogs, social networks and magazines which are very popular among professionals in the FASHION, ADVERTISING, EVENTS, ENTERTAINMENT sectors.
Being published in these channels undoubtedly offers an important showcase for those who want to emerge in these fields.
Furthermore, having quality content is the basis for anyone who wants to work with their own image and photos are the business card of models. If you have to invest in something, a photo shoor that enhances your image is certainly the right choice.
The images created will be used by the agency to propose the talents to the clients with whom the agency collaborates.
If requested, the work carried out by the Lab would normally have a much higher value than the one proposed. As mentioned, it is a team of professionals who will create a real social network campaign to promote the talent.
Do you assure me that after making these photos I will get money, a job and fame?
Promising money and fame would be a mock and anyone who gives you this guarantee would probably do so knowing that they are lying.
We don’t have a magic wand and we don’t want to create illusions or promise falsehoods; success is the result of hard work and great commitment, in this sector as in all the others.
If your aim is to earn money right away, we advise you NOT to make this investment but rather to look for a more “normal” job where a certain salary is offered for a certain number of hours of work. Having said that, if you have a strong passion for photography and fashion, then we strongly recommend that you participate, as at such an advantageous price it will be difficult to find a service of such high quality and that offers so much in terms of visibility.
What we can and want to guarantee is that we will do our best to ensure that you will be able to obtain collaborations in fashion, advertising or entertainment.
Will I be part of the agency after taking the photos?
Yes. The photos will remain present on the site and will be used to propose you to our customers whenever necessary. In addition, many professionals who follow our blogs and social partners that may notice your photos will also be able to contact you directly.

Will I have to sign an exclusive contract with the agency?

No, we do not require exclusivity nor do we want to place any constraints on any of our talents or collaborators. Indeed, we try to help achieve collaborations and work regardless of whether the agency acts as an intermediary. Instead, every time the work will be carried out through the agency, an occasional collaboration contract will be stipulated. 

How can I calculate the remaining amount that I will have to pay?
The 22% VAT must be added to the cost of the service, and the €77 of the advance must be deducted.

Why do I have to pay and it is not the agency that bears the costs?

The aim of the project, once new interesting faces have been found, is to promote them.
Fashion / interview style editorials will be created for the agency’s followers / partners to give our models visibility.
In addition to the working hours dediacated for each model, the Toa Lab team will also pay to sponsor the photographic sets in order to show them to possible partners taht are not already in contact with the agency, giving the model maximum visibility.
The cost, which is variable, serves to cover only a small part of these expenses and should be seen as an investment as being presented and noticed by those who can offer collaborations is not only important, it is essential.
Furthermore, having high-level content and publications in magazines and blogs is very important for those who want to work with the image.
We do not recommend doing it to those who are not really willing to take this path.
It is not an easy path, there is nothing for sure and it will not happen overnight, so if there is NOT a strong passion at the base, we recommend NOT to make this investment.

I received an offer but when I click on the details of the shoot, I get a higher price. Why?

If your profile has been selected to receive an offer you will have to pay the amount that was told to you in the offer and not the basic price of the service. But be careful, the offer will be valid only for a period of 4 days, after which the cost will return the basic one.

Anyone can participate?
Absolutely not, it is necessary to demonstrate that you have certain physical characteristics or strong communication qualities aimed at promoting products or making reviews.
It is necessary to have qualities, skills that can be exploited in the fashion, entertainment, advertising and events sectors.
How is it made and what commitment does the photographic set require?
In the main cities (HFS and FWFT) and in the most important seaside resorts on dates that will be planned and organized together with you and our staff who will carry out the shooting. We will try to find a date and a place that can be suitable for everybody.
On the fixed day of the shooting the commitment will be half a day.
Why can’t I pay for everything after making the set?
We realize that it is unpleasant to ask for an advance. However, in order to protect our complex organizational work and minimize the likelihood that themodelswill fall short of the commitment made at the last minute and without justifications we are forced to request an advance of which a receipt will be issued immediately.
If there are serious reasons that prevent the model from taking part in the shooting on the selected day, our staff will undertake to do everything possible to change the chosen date and allow the model to participate.
When will the shootings be made?
You can choose the date and the outfits used will be those of the current season, therefore winter until the beginning of March, spring from March onwards.
Does the agency provide the outfits or will I have to bring them myself?
If you do not use the “Styling” service, you have to wear your outfits by following the instructions and showing them to the stylist of the agency. The moodboard always includes fashion outfits for the current season. The outfits are easy to find
(denim, basic)
How does the STYLIST service work?
A dedicated professional will take care of studying, preparing and bringing the outfits for you on the set. He/she will be present for the entire duration of the photo shoot and will make sure that all the garments are matched and worn correctly. It’s great added value to the photo shoot. On the day of the photos, you will need to bring only shoes.
To change my clothes during the set and to do make-up where can I go?
Since this is a street style service and not in the studio or in a location, you will have to make do, as everyone does, including even the most established professionals, It means that, as we have always done, we will rely on bars or accommodation facilities. For make-up, even a bench can do the trick. Alternatively, the car is also a solution that we often adopt. In extreme cases, portable mini tents or sheets to cover yourself will do just fine. On the beaches, when possible, we rely on the facilities.
Who assures me that it is not a scam and that my photos will actually be made, published and sponsored?
The agency has existed and worked throughout the national and international territory for over 10 years. The professionals and partners involved are well known. The Instagram profile of the agency and partners, our customer portfolio are elements that should express sufficient reliability.
If the agency fooled people they would still not be here after all this time, moreover, the investment of time, resources and energy that the agency is making to carry out events is such that the only thing that really matters is that the event is successful. The satisfaction of participants and partners is the goal of our team.

Are make-up and hairstyle provided by the agency?

Since these are natural looks, you will be assisted by our stylist to prepare the look yourself.
However, it is possible to take advantage of the Make-Up and Hairstyle service at a very favorable price, which involves the work of a professional before and during the whole set to prepare your look and certainly give the photos an important added value.

Will the photos be handed over to me too and will I be able to publish them too?

Absolutely yes.

If after booking the set I change my mind, will I get the money back?

The advance money is requested precisely to face the first organizational phase of the set, from the logistical to the administrative part. Therefore, unfortunately, if you change your mind, it will not be possible to get the advance back. However, the agency will make itself available to reorganize the set on another date, postponing the day of the shooting until necessary (even beyond a year) and keeping the dedicated offer active. This way you will surely have the opportunity to be able to take part in the event.

Exactly where will the photos of the set be published?

The most important place where the photos will be published is the TOAGENCY blog which also acts as a talent database, so that clients and partners of the agency can view the models for collaborations. In addition to the blog, the photos will be released on the agency’s social networks, certainly on Facebook and in Instagram stories; as regards the feed, it is not possible to establish a priori if and when they will be published as it will be the social media manager of the agency to decide it taking into consideration many factors including the color scheme of the profile, the outfits worn, etc. The photos will also be published in the special collection of Monaco Magazine with all the most beautiful images of the event.

If I have received an offer and I cannot pay within the indicated time frame, will I have to pay the basic price?

Yes. Unless there are real problems that will be explained to the agency (e.g. related to the sending of emails, health, etc.), the special offers are linked to established times.