Fendace. Not a simple collaboration.

In the just past edition of Milan Fashion Week there were many surprises, but only one really shook the official calendar. In fact, the secret fashion show of two great Italian fashion houses was not planned: Versace and Fendi amaze the public by joining and presenting two extraordinary collections.

«There are many collaborations, they are easy» says Donatella Versace. «But fashion, in theory, is continuous renewal. And exchanging roles by giving free rein is very innovative ».

During the unexpected show that closed the Milan fashion shows, both the dresses designed by Donatella Versace for Fendi and those designed by Kim Jones for Versace appeared on the catwalk. In a nutshell, the two fashion houses exchanged creative directors, giving birth to two distinct interpretations of the brands. This is how the “Versace by Fendi” and “Fendi by Versace” collections were born.

“It’s nice to surprise people every now and then, isn’t it?” Donatella Versace and Kim Jones make their debut during the presentation of the collaboration, aware of what their agreement will trigger. The fashion shows took place in via Gesù, Versace’s historic headquarters, in front of a few carefully selected guests; those not lucky were still able to follow the event live on Instagram.

In any case, the eyes of the whole world were on Milan and on the top models who walked one of the most coveted and fashionable catwalks of the moment. From Naomi Campbell to Kate Moss, from Amber Valletta to Shalom Harlow, the catwalks of the iconic models have certainly gone down in history.

Versace by Fendi

The collection is inspired by the nineties. The show, in fact, opened with Kristen McMenamy wearing a dress similar to “ Safety Pin dress “, originally created by Gianni Versace and worn in 1994 by Elizabeth Hurley.

The Medusa Versace thus merges with the double F of Fendi: here is that Fendace becomes a logo.

Fendi by Versace

In the second part of the show, Donatella decided to bring her punch rock inclination, brooches, lace and crystals to best mix the two houses.

Also on this occasion, the logos are mixed and transformed into maxi V and FF.

Considering that Versace and Fendi are apparently competing brands, discovering these two collections for Prefall 2022 that celebrate the friendship between Donatella and Kim, the social networks have gone wild. The most used hashtags were #VersaceFendiSwap And #Fendace .

What surprised was Kim Kardashian’s absence from the show. Months earlier the influencer had posted a photo with Donatella Versace and Kim Jones, whose caption “ LEGENDS! “Could have been interpreted as a spoiler of the upcoming secret collaboration.

The collaboration has certainly brought out the artistic link between two legendary fashion houses.

Article by Rebecca Nisi.