More than 30.000 boys and girls through Italy.

Models, hostess, stewards, promoters, photographers, and industry professionals available through Italy.

For any type of image and advertising, we offer a total support providing a professional staff.

If you are organizing an event or a photo shoot/ video, get in touch with us and we will provide you all the data sheets and images of the best available subjects for you, for your work and for the budget you have available.

Models for photoshoots, video, fashion shows, showrooms


Hostess, Steward, Immagine, Tour Leader, Promoter.

Manifestation, Sports events, Congress, fairs, street promotions and concerts


We take care of the social and web part. We realize for you campaigns with local or national influencers and we support you in the management of social and web channels.

Social Media and Web Marketing

Behind the lens

Photographers, video makers, makeup artist, stylist, hairstylist, social media manager, web expert.

We help your business in every activity related to image and pictures.

We provide not only beautiful staff but also all the professionals who work behind the scenes.

If you have a business, you are organizing an event, or a photo shoot know that we can support you in EVERYTHING.

We can provide all the professionals who work in a photo shoot and all those who serve the management and implementation of the website, e-commerce, social networks, advertising, and anything else that serves your business.

Thanks to the Toa Lab Team we take care of everything behind the scenes.


Since 2010 our aim is fashion

Our agency was born from fashion videos and photo shoots. This is the reason why we have many abilities in this sector. We support your projects, logistics and realization of photo shootings.


Whether you have a clothing brand, an e-commerce or a shop, our agency can help you in realizing contents such as photos, videos, graphics, and animations.


Thanks to Toa Lab team we support stores and brands in image management, sponsorships, and online sales. We realize advertising campaigns for social, web and e-commerce; we manage social profiles, and help them growth to develop a B2B and a B2C.