Men’s fashion trends 2021

Never before has men’s fashion shifted to a clothing ample And soft , in search of fabrics that do not tighten, to give space to comfort . For this reason the i baggy pants and oversized t-shirts , strictly in cotton.

In fact, even on the most important catwalks, models wearing can be seen parading complete or suits in format maxi , once banned by big brands, by simple lines , come on light colours (especially the beige ) or from pastel shades .

If the key word for 2021 is comfort, it must also be respected for the choice of shoes. For example, this summer there was no lack of matching loose-fitting clothes a sandals or slippers slide template , become a must have even with the sock.

The extra-large size must also be respected for accessories: the Sun glasses , now used in every season, have been enhanced with huge and super mirrored lenses .

They are not to be forgotten rings , necklaces And bracelets that complete the look and give a touch of elegance. THE men’s jewelry they have effectively become a hallmark, able to express the la without words personality of those who wear them.

What can completely transform an outfit, from simple to elaborate, is also the hat : at the moment the bucket hat , chosen by big brands and urbanwear lovers. Also known as a “fisherman’s hat”, it can be found in many colors, prints and materials so that it can be worn with everything.

Article by Rebecca Nisi.