New makeup trends fall winter 2021 2022. Here’s how we’ll do our makeup!

The new trends are with an eye to the past, but also look to the future. A future without a mask and with optimism. Beauty is emphasized naturally or more intensely, depending on your taste. Colored eyes, Reverse eyeliner clearly visible, voluminous lashes and the return of the black pencil are just some of the makeup trends of autumn / winter 2021-2022. We also talk about lip makeup: the protagonist color would seem to be burgundy, but brown and red in all its shades will not go unnoticed.

Thick and combed eyebrows, simple and luminous basic face make-up, warm tones or eccentric nuances. Here are all the make-up trends not to be missed!

# Eye trends for fall winter

The autumn eye makeup will be rich in colors and shades, so don’t miss the smokey eyes in halo version and bright shades. During the various shows of the Fashion Week, the models paraded clothes combined with an intense and luminous make-up.

# Simple and bright base

In this makeup trend for fall winter 2021 2022, the emphasis is on the skin, which must be true but at the same time glamorous. Everything revolves around skin care. Is a simple and luminous face easy to achieve? The answer of course is no. Here too it takes experience and patience, it is important to buy the right products and spread them flawlessly. Then, apply the concealer to cover imperfections, proceed with a foundation close to your skin tone and finish with a light touch of highlighter, accompanied by transparent lip gloss or light lipstick.

#Red – burgundy – brown lips

Red lipstick is – thankfully! – timeless, which is why it is once again among the make-up trends for fall winter 2021 2022. Even lips in bold colors are back in trend and a makeup trend that has been in the air for some time, and that will surely catch on among the general public, is that of brown lipstick. But red, burgundy and brown colored lips are not enough to be in line with the latest trends. We must also take the lip pencil out of the beauty.

# Make-up trend Blush

We apply the blush wherever we want, in a classic way starting from the cheekbone to get to the temples, but also for a more youthful touch on the knobs. We also play with textures, which can be either delicate and bright.

Article by Suely Amorim.