Rain Jacket

As summer comes to an end, it’s time to finally pull out our favorite fall jackets.

While I’m partial to a good denim jacket, I can’t deny the necessity of a good rain jacket in the fall and winter. While this piece of outerwear isn’t considered a staple item in everyone’s wardrobe, it should be, because nobody wants to ruin a great outfit because of the rain.

Today’s rain jackets are cool, lightweight, and sleek enough that you’ll actually be looking forward to wet weather. Rain jackets are both functional and protective, making sure your clothes stay clean and dry in the middle of a rainstorm at any point in the year.

That’s the thing about rain: no season has a monopoly on it. In contrast to something like a winter jacket, essential but only during a select time of the year, you very well may need a rain jacket at any time. Here it’s an example of a trendy rain jacket. Always protected from the rain without loosing style.

Article by Federica Ruzzola.