WARDROBE AND WORLD: sustainable well-being

Sustainable fashion is an effective alternative to fast fashion, as it combines environmental care and health protection as it is made with natural materials free of toxic components.

More and more citizens are becoming aware of the need to acquire habits that have a direct positive effect on the impact of the planet. For a few years, for example, we talk about sustainable fashion or “slow fashion”, we can represent it as a real innovation, especially if we take into account the great impact of the industry on the environment in the countries where most of the garments we buy are produced.

Precisely, sustainable fashion is a new way of understanding the textile business and making it compatible with the conservation of the environment; is linked to the concept of fair trade, promoting a new approach to the textile business based on respect for the environment and the well-being of companies.

However, second-hand clothing stores have also increased, where users buy clothes that deserve another chance. With a small gesture such as the purchase of a t-shirt or jeans we can contribute to the conservation and care of the planet.

Article by Marica Zappalà.